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These are links to other sites that Matthew Monroe shares an interest in.

Video Game Competitions

F-Zero Central

They host the primary F-Zero competition.

Matthew Monroe participates in the F-Zero competition, and wrote their current ladder code.

This website was previously Mr. Fixit Online and is currently undergoing a major transition.


Website for the Wipeout video game series. They host the primary Wipeout competition.

Mario Kart 64

Collection of websites for all the Mario Kart games. They host the primary Mario Kart Competition.


Website for Crash Team Racing. They host the primary CTR Competition.

Sonic Links

Fans United for SatAM

SatAM is the cartoon that made Matthew Monroe a fan of Sonic. This website is dedicated to SatAM's legacy.

Matthew Monroe worked on their previous forum skins (in 2011).

Saturday Morning Sonic

Another SatAM website.

Ken Penders

Website for Ken Penders, who was the primary writer for Archie Sonic for many years.

Bumbleking Forums

Forum run by Ian Flynn, the current writer of Archie Sonic.

Sonic the Comic Online

Fan comic based on the British Sonic the Hedgehog.

Other Links

Sick Cells

Website for the Sick Cells documentary produced by 20K Films. This movie stars my best friend Marqus Valentine.